Reactivation Calls

TeamCare's "Reactivation" features makes it easy for your staff to ensure every patient receives timely and personalized follow-ups, essential aftercare information, and support following their procedures. By automatically updating the reactivation call list in real time, dental practices can spend less time keeping track of patients who need outreach and more time addressing the needs of patients. This feature continuously populates the call list with unscheduled and overdue patients, tracks call history, and aligns staff with target call goals, making it an indispensable tool for practice success. TeamCare practices levering reactivation lists have seen sharp increases in patient reactivation, retention and production in as little as a month.

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TeamCare's Preappointment feature empowers dental practices to achieve 80% primetime hygiene preappointment rates, ensuring that patients are scheduled for their next hygiene visit before they leave the office. This proactive approach to appointment scheduling minimizes gaps in patient visits, maintains consistent patient-provider relationships, and forms the foundation of any effective patient retention plan.

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Hygiene Cancellation Rate

The Hygiene Cancellation Rate, a powerful metric within TeamCare, enables dental practices to closely monitor appointment cancellations by patients. By keeping a keen eye on this rate, practices gain valuable insights into patient engagement and satisfaction levels. Armed with this information, they can craft effective strategies to strengthen the patient-practice relationship and create a seamless experience for patients.

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