Call List

This feature can be a practice's best friend!  It's a common daily tasks to have at least some level of cancellations & no-shows. But where do they all go? Typically a report can be generated ... but then what? Cross it off the list and run the report again next month? The TeamCare reactivation call list takes a new modern approach to this archaic system. The list is always populating with patients that unscheduled and overdue to come back to your office. TeamCare tracks the calls that have been made to the patient and who from your staff called them. This feature is commonly paired with  Visual Goals so that your team is aligned to achieve its target number of calls per month.

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The best way to retain your patients is the make sure they have a future appointment (ie., preappointment)!  Failing to excel in preappointment can result in high levels of "churn", which means the practice needs to continually scramble to add more patients in the future simply to replenish the patients it lost. Equally as imporatant, it's critical that patients are given future appointments that have a high liklihood to work for them; ie., primetime. This is a critical office system that can easily start to slip if not monitored and practices can be wondering how all their patients from last period disappeared.

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Hygiene Cancellation Rate

Have you ever attempted to calculate this yoruself?  It's really tough!  TeamCare makes it easy -- the system automatically takes a snapshot of scheduled appointments for the upcoming 7 days.  Then it compares the number of scheduled patients against the actual attended. Voila!  This can be extremly helpful for information the appropriate amount of overbooking for your office.

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