Lab Case

Structures the various lab cases within the practice by doctor. Provides values to indicate the stage the lab case in. Allows doctors to manage their lab cases and view necessary information in regard to the specific patient.

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Contact List

Profiles are created by every new member added to TeamCare. These profiles are then organized in a library that allows easy access to the entire staff’s account. Simply search for the user and retrieve their contact information.

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Ortho Case

Providing doctors with steps is useful in completing tasks. There are many requirements in ortho cases and giving the proper attention in each phase is crucial. TeamCare has descriptive visuals and text that make interpretation of the stage the case is in quick and easy.

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Referral Case

Making the patient’s experience easier is the name of the game. In some instances, alternate treatment is required. Having information presented in a neat format makes retrieving patient information a smooth process. When a patient seeks external care, be the reason it is trouble-free.

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