About Us


Colin Ambler

Technology & Customer Success

Prior to TeamCare, Colin as a Division 1 athlete, successful entrepreneur, web developer, MBA student and large dental practice office manager. TeamCare in many ways is a culmination of all! Colin played lacrosse and graduated from Drexel University in 2010. During his junior year of college, he started and operated a hometown lacrosse club program and weekend tournament. The business grew quickly and was sold to a nation-wide industry player in 2014.  Colin moved to Chicago and lived there for 6 years while pursing his MBA at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. Meanwhile, served as Chief Technology Officer under his parent purchaser, where he led development of various web applications for e-commerce, event-staffing, game score-tracking, and internal company systems. In 2016, Colin relocated to Philadelphia to be with his love, Sharon Bleiler, and the scratch (brand new) practice of Noble Dentistry. Together, under the tutelage of John Christensen and Chrisad, Inc, Colin and Sharon accelerated the business to nearly $5M in annual revenue in 5 years. During COVID-19 pandemic, when the dental industry was shutdown, TeamCare was born. Colin did many hours of moonlight software development to assemble the early prototype. The staff of 50+ Noble Dentistry employees adapted to the systems quickly and provided many many fun & exciting use-cases to build that would apply to many dental offices!  Today, Colin remains heavily involved in the product development of TeamCare -- including actively working with current clients to improve their user experiences -- and the continued excited growth of Noble Dentistry.

Sharon Bleiler

Product Development & Marketing

Sharon attended Bucknell University for undergraduate and Temple University for her DMD. After graduating, Sharon practiced as an associate dentist in the greater Philadelphia area for approx 5 years before starting her first practice. Sharon comes from a family of dentists - both brother and father are also highly successful practitioners and practice owners. In 2016 she started Noble Dentistry, and worked as both a practicing dentist and business manager. She has expanded the facility (a once-tiny 3 operatory office) 3x times to its now 14 operatories. Under Sharon's clinical leadership, Noble Dentistry sees over 900+ hygiene patients per month, and is comprised of 50+ staff -- 12+ hygienists, 7+ doctors and all supportive assistants and front desk. Sharon attributes a tremendous amount of her success to the strategy of John Christiansen and Chrisad, Inc. She is well-known for her story in successfully executing the "scratch practice" guidebook in a very short time. Sharon is most known for her gravitational personality that is both brutally honest and ultimately caring.  She uses TeamCare every-day as an owner that oversees all roles and uses it as the data-driven management approach that aligns her team and drives performance.