Front Desk

Front Desk is involved in many workflows but primarily handle the patient's checkout, scheduling future appointments and financial arrangements.

Case Acceptance Analytics

Tracks the lifecycle of patient being presented treatment, scheduling an appointment and completing their case. Interestingly, there are many statistical insights that identify who & where may be weaknesses in your outcomes.

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Financial Arrangements

The impact of financial arrangements is not limited to just accounts receivable -- it has a much greater impact on the resultant production from better attendance rate of appointments and the overall cashflow of the practice. Mistakes happen and some staff members can excel more than others at collecting patient fees upfront, accurately estimating insurance reimbursement and/or establishing acceptable payment terms. Monitoring, measuring and improving this facet of your office is a vital system and key driver of profitability.

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The best way to retain your patients is the make sure they have a future appointment (ie., preappointment)!  Failing to excel in preappointment can result in high levels of "churn", which means the practice needs to continually scramble to add more patients in the future simply to replenish the patients it lost. Equally as imporatant, it's critical that patients are given future appointments that have a high liklihood to work for them; ie., primetime. This is a critical office system that can easily start to slip if not monitored and practices can be wondering how all their patients from last period disappeared.

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Preauthorizations are often initiated by Front Desk that are working with a patient to establish a financial arrangement. If the patient requests that a preauthorization be sent on their behalf, the Front Desk can add a request to the queue so that it can get handled a later date.

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