How do we know if we're doing well or poorly?

Goals Give Context

As we all know, it's important to "know your numbers" and have awareness about your practice's performance on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.  But numbers alone are kinda worthless!  Without context -- it doesn't tell us whether it's a good number or a bad number.  

Visual Indicators are key

TeamCare places visual indicators for goals throughout the application. Goals are set and provide their own visual cues.  Additionally, most all charts that are presented in the dashboard visualizations display a trendline for the metric.  These visual indicators make the metric extremely simple to interpret (good vs. bad).

Goals are apparent in as many places as possible so that the involved team members are always aware of where the metric is performing and how to respond.  

Don't wait!  Monitor daily ... or even real-time!

Reactions are better fast!  Slow reactions are rarely advantageous anyways.  So if we can discover an issue and we have the ability to solve it  ... then why wouldn't we act on it immediately?  It would be foolish to wait until the end of the week, month, year.

Easy to Implement Daily Goals

  • Choose a metric (production, collections, exams, hygiene visits, etc.)
  • Choose who it's for - an individual Doctor or entire Practice
  • Set a goal's monthly target (ie., $150k)
  • Assign the number of working days

TeamCare will calculate the daily pace & projection needed to achieve the goal and present it to your selected team members throughout the application.